Evolution Of A Photographer

I have always been fascinated with the process of capturing light with a camera. The transformation of a fleeting moment in time and space into a permanent image is still like magic. In my youth I shot a lot of color slide film, and was transfixed by the quality of light resulted from projecting these slides. Later I discovered the usefulness of photography in gathering visual references for my illustrations and fine art. In any case, the more I learned about photography the more I grew to appreciate the uniqueness of this medium, and its expressive potential. This was fortified by my studies of the masters of modern photography--including such greats as Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, Margaret Bourke-White, and Charles Sheeler. Photography became an ideal medium for exploring and capturing the essence of my visual experience of the world around me. 

I currently investigate the urban environment in my photographs, though I also shoot pictures of the vast canyons and Rocky Mountains that cover most of Colorado. In addition I taught photography and graphic design full time until recently. Teaching is a part of who I am as a photographer—not only in the class room, but also through the use of imagery that expands our visual and perceptual understanding of the world. Prior to teaching I worked commercially as a graphic designer, after having graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, with clients including The Denver Merchandise Mart, The Denver Post, KCNC-Channel 4 TV, US West, and Westword Magazine. I also exhibited and earned national acclaim for some of my photo-realistic urban paintings, many of which are now in private, civic, and corporate collections.

While I have been involved with photography for many decades, it has been only about ten years that I have pursued it as my primary means of visual expression. In that time my work has earned awards from and appeared in several issues of Black and White Magazine, and is included in a number of private and corporate collections. In addition, my photographic creations have been the focus of two solo exhibitions, having been selected for a solo exhibit at the Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities in 2015, and featured recently in a solo exhibition at the Denver Architects Collaborative gallery in the popular Santa Fe Arts District of Denver.